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Teklon furtif 170RX

by María Victoria Marrugat Filba 25 Mar 2022 0 Comments

Furtive 170-RX is the evolution of the famous FSV 170 model. We have improved it by placing rod holders on the back of the seat, equipping it with new pockets with greater capacity and relocating the location of the valves. All this makes the Furtive 170-RX one of the best options for the fisherman who wants to enjoy an extremely safe, comfortable and effective duck. Both in fresh water and in the sea, Furtive 170-RX is shown as a boat with a huge load capacity, and surprising and unparalleled seaworthiness, which will make you move to or from your fishing areas quickly, effective and comfortable. We are sure that once you get on it you won't want to stop using it!

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